our story

香港本地品牌,隱藏於香港石屎森林裡的活版印刷及設計工作室。以手繪創作再融入活版印刷技術 letterpress,選用獨特紙材製作出具有手工觸感的紙品。在重覆的生活節奏裡發現快樂。我們相信生活本身就是禮物。放慢腳步,細心留意身邊的點點滴滴,將小發現分享,就是 ditto ditto 的生活態度。

ditto ditto is a boutique stationery and design studio based in Hong Kong specializing in hand-drawn illustrations and letterpress, which gives every piece of work a unique touch that no modern machinery can replicate. We believe every day is a gift and we should keep looking for inspirations in our daily lives. The spirit of ditto ditto is to share our little discoveries and ordinary miracles with you.

Our Team

nicole (p.s.)

Love messing with colors - mix my own color palette & drawing what I find in my daily life. Love the color purple and white - the color white is especially special to me as it is not just a color but also a space that I see lots of possibilities.


Runs sales/marketing. Her favorite colors are French blue and French grey. She loves rubber stamping and star gazing, and she dreams of seeing the Northern Lights. She is a mother of 3, learning to balance between business and family.


Day dreamer and cloud lover. She loves cat, eating, running, hiking and the color light robin egg blue. She can eat egg and bread everyday.


Love all things purple. Inseparable with Pepper, her clingy cat. Enjoys travelling, yoga, sunsets and everything involving the ocean.


Letterpress man. Enjoys the journey of printing, finding joy between the debossed and embossed.